Top Ten Questions

1. Are you a moving company?

No, we're not a moving company. We re-invented the cardboard moving box made from hard to recycle plastic trash. Our world famous product is called "The Recopack" and the word means recycled ecological packing solution. It's the replacement for using new or used cardboard boxes when your packing and moving anything. We're experts on renting our Zero-Waste moving since we created the industry, built it and lead it. We deliver our electric lime green Recopacks direct to your door for free and pick them up for free when you're done. We hand inspect, clean and santize each Recopack before and after each use. We have 3 consumer friendly sizes that can be combined to be the perfect blend for commercial, small businesses and residential moves. We rent Recopacks for 2 week blocks and we discount for extra weeks. Our system is Moving Made Simple. You pack, stack and move. When they're empty, just call us and we'll pick them up from your new place. It's Guilt-Free Moving!

2. What areas do you currently service?

We're currently servicing all of Orange and Los Angeles County.

3. Do you service commercial businesses, small companies and special projects?

Yes! The majority of our business is working with small businesses and large companies! Our system is cheaper, faster and easier than using new or used cardboard boxes. We service over 17 different industries throughout the Western United States ranging from small 1 man offices to large multinational corporations and major state library moves. You name it, we've been involved with greening their respected moves over the past 6 years. We've rented our famous green recopacks to the "U.S. Military, Hollywood, Book Drives, Store Relocations, Cruise Ships, Liquor Stores Corporate Consolidations, Super Markets, Major Las Vegas Hotels, Small Fashion Boutiques" The list goes on and on and on. Are you ready to start, click here for our order page and we'll get started greening your office move.

4. How quick can I get Recopacks delivered to my place?

We strongly recommend placing your order at least 1 to 2 weeks before you want to start packing. We'll deliver them a few days before you want to start packing and pick them uop when you're done. If you just found out about our service, and you're in a rush, need to order last minute, or just need our help, please go to our order page and drop us an urgent note. and We'll do our best to accommodate your request and since we;re a five star service provider from Yelp, five years in a row, we're committed to delivering environmental consciousness in a box!

5. How many Recopacks will I need to pack and move?

We get this question everyday and have the world famous "Box Guru" to help you determine what you'll need. Please take a quick look at our "Box Guru" guideline and remember that on the day of your delivery, one of our Eco-Agents will walk your place for free and give you their expert opinion on how many Recopacks you'll need to pack and move efficiently. What makes our Zero-Waste system so unique and adaptable to your specific needs is that our eco-friendly delivery trucks are actually mobile mini warehouses. If you need a few more Recopacks or a few less, no worries, we'll have it ready to rent. We usually carry twice as many Recopacks because so many people under estimate how much stuff they really have to pack and move. Check out our famous little "Box Guru", I know he'll give you the enlightenment that you'll need!

6. Can I pickup my Recopacks from one of your warehouses?

At this time, we can only deliver our Recopacks direct to your place and pick them up when you're done. In order to keep our prices cheaper than buying new or used cardboard boxes, we have opted to be a direct delivery service without all of the overhead costs typically found with an "open to the public business". We also want to make sure that you have enough Recopacks for your move since a huge part of our business is to make your move cheaper, faster and easier than using cardboard moving boxes.

7. Is your service really cheaper than buying new or used cardboard boxes?

Yes it is and here's a few key points on why our system is cheaper, faster, easier and great for our Earth.

#1- You'll need less boxes to pack and move. You can pack more stuff in our Recopacks since they are crush and tear proof.

#2 You rent what you need without wasting your money on extras. We eliminate last minute impulse buying decisions. You can place an order and after we walk your place, we offer our expert advice on exactly what you'll need to pack and move your property efficiently! We're experts on how many Recopacks you'll need and after 6 years of greening our client's moves, we're the best in the business period. Just check out our Yelp reviews here.

#3- You'll save lots of time. Most people never factor in their time to gather and buy packing and moving materials. Think about all the time it takes to drive to a store, stand in a checkout line, load your purchase into a car, drive back home, unload, start building boxes.. and at this point you still haven't pack one item.. We save you a lot of time. With Recopacks, they arrive pre assembled and ready to speed load, pack, stack and move. And when you're done, just restack them and we'll come and pick them up.

#4 Zero-Waste Moving. Some local cities are starting to charge for special handling fees associated with throwing away used cardboard boxes. Especially if you live in a small gated community, when you create a lot of trash, you might have to pay an extra trash hauling fee. With Rent-A-Green Box, we deliver and pick up all of your packing and moving materials, creating Zero-Waste. It's good for your pocket book and our environment!

#5 You can rent a smaller moving truck. Recopacks stack 6 high during transport maximizing your truck load by up to 35% more space, compared to cardboard boxes. And another benefit is that you can slide your mattresses on top of the Recopacks stacks, allowing you even more room in your moving truck. Movers love how efficient Recopacks stack and load in their moving trucks.

#6 Your movers are more efficient using Recopacks. It's fact that Recopacks load twice as fast as new and used cardboard boxes. Our system will shave hours off your mover's total labor bill. The faster they move, the less you spend and every product that we've brought to market is designed to maximize your mover's labor time and save you money.

#7 Less damage and moving costs. Since Recopacks are crush and tear proof, arrive pre-assembled, you don't have to worry about Recopacks falling apart or crushing/breaking your property during transit. It's cheaper to move clean and green and enjoy your stuff arriving in one piece, than having to replace broken property from using cardboard boxes.

8. What if I have a minor delay in our moving schedule?

Don't worry as this happens all the time. If you planned on receiving our Recopacks and your move is delayed a few days, we'll still deliver them on schedule. If it's more than a week, we'll rebook the delivery based on your new schedule. And again, don't worry. This happens all the time and it's really no problem to rebook your delivery date and time. If you arrive at your new place and have a delay in unpacking, just let us know when you'll be ready for a pickup. We'll update your invoice based on the weekly discounted rate of your invoice. We have found that it's cheaper to have all of the Recopacks ready, at one time for pickup, instead of paying for additional partial pickups.

9. Can I buy your cool lime green Recopacks?

We get this question everyday and at this time, we're not selling Recopacks to the public. We can't even keep up with demand making them for ourselves!

10. How do you come up with your award winning products?

One word: PASSION to make a positive difference for our ecology, environment and economy. Each product is the result of talking with what customers want and Spencer entering the landfills. We he sees a new type of post consumer waste piling up, he pulls in some samples and starts the design process. A few hundred calls later and countless hours designing and refining, he produces another game changer in the packing and moving industry. Part nutty professor and part award winning product designer, he's a man on a mission to Detox our Landfills and change the way America packs and moves!


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