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Yes you're reading that price right and this promotion will run for only 1,000 customers! So take advantage of this now before our accountant pulls the plug on this deal.

Here's how this promotion works. We'll ship you, FOR FREE up to $250 bucks in our world famous Zero Waste, eco- friendly packing and moving products! You tell us what you want and we'll even pay the shipping costs- delivered direct to your door. That's it- you pick and we ship!

Welcome to the next stage of Rent A Green Box- greening each and every move in America and we hope that you'll share this with your social network- hint hint- wink wink!

On all of our promotions, we like to keep everything as simple as possible without a bunch of rules and restirctions. So here's how to get up to $250,00 bucks in free packing and moving supplies-delivered direct to your door for free!

Simply book your move with and e-mail us your booking/ confirmation code below. We'll load your number into their system and then find out how much money you have to spend at Rent A Green Box. We can't send you cash.. just our award winning products that we have developed and refined over the past TEN YEARS!

Please choose from the products listed to the right and we'll ship to you, FOR FREE up to $250.00 in our award winning Zero-Waste, eco-friendly packing and moving products.

If you have any questions or want us to call you, please fill out the form below and we're here to help!

Thanks for being part of this crazy promotion and enjoy packing and moving without trashing our planet!

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